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Cooking with a halogen oven

Halogen Oven vs Microwave

secura turbo halogen oven chicken roastHalogen or Microwave – Which Is Best For You?

You might be wondering what all the fuss is about halogen ovens. After all, you’ve probably been using a microwave for years – and those certainly heat your food up quickly!

It really depends upon what you want from your oven. Yes – microwaves are great, and oh so convenient. However, most people just use them for heating things up rather than cooking.

Even if you do use your microwave for actual cooking, there are certain types of dishes that don’t turn out so well – and there are some that you just can’t prepare in a microwave at all. Roasts don’t do very well in the microwave for example – and pastry tends to be a bit of a sad and soggy affair post-micro.

Halogen ovens use convection heating and a fan to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. The small cooking container, and the halogen light heat source, means that thee heat is instant – no need to wait for the oven to reach temperature.

They are very versatile – you can cook anything in a halogen oven that you would in a standard oven (or a microwave). However, a halo oven is a lot faster than a standard oven (close to microwave times – but it does depend, to some extent, upon the type of dish being prepared).

The image in the top right is really very typical for halogen ovens. A nice juicy roast chicken or turkey looks mouth-watering and delicious. It’s a great image for the marketing people – and you should be able to get that sort of result with your roasts very easily!

However, it’s only part of the story – and a small part at that. You can cook absolutely anything in a halogen oven. You can fit a casserole dish in it and slow bake a nice stew. You can bake biscuits and muffins, cook a nice steak pie or poach some salmon. Unlike a micro, there’s absolutely no problem with metal, so you can wrap things in foil if required.

Cook pizza to perfection, prepare frozen oven chips, air fry steaks and burgers! Whatever you like. You can even defrost and heat up TV dinners Рbe they in plastic or foil trays.

And, if you want, halogen ovens can prepare all of the dishes for a meal in one go. You can fit a roast bird on the upper rack and have vegetables beneath for a one stop solution to your meal. It’s very convenient.

So, in summary, microwave ovens are great and very convenient. Every kitchen should have one. However, if you want to do more than just heat up TV dinners and leftovers, a halogen oven is something that you absolutely need to look at getting for your home.

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