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How To Bake Brownies In A Halogen Oven

Brownies In Your Halogen Oven

how to cook brownies in a halogen ovenHalogen ovens have a lot going for them. not least of which is the fact that you can cook literally anything in them that you would normally do in a conventional oven.

Just to demonstrate how versatile and easy to use they are, here’s a short video which shows you how to bake brownies in a NuWave halogen oven.

As you can see, it’s really fast and easy to do. Personally, I think that it’s worth watching that video just for the tip about getting egg shell fragments out of your dishes. I never knew that eggshells were magnetic (to other eggshells)!

It’s a good summary of the difference between halogen ovens and microwave ovens. Most people just use their microwave ovens for heating food up – which is fine, microwaves are incredibly useful gadgets. Halogen ovens are used more for genuine cooking – although heating things up quickly is definitely a possibility.

At least part of the reason for this is the awesome versatility of halogen ovens. You can cook (or bake) just about anything that you would normally do in your traditional oven, or on your hob or even frill, using a halogen oven.

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