Halogen Oven Cooking

Cooking with a halogen oven

Why Choose A Halogen Oven?

why choose secura halogen ovenWhat Do Halogen Ovens Offer?

Halogen ovens are a relatively new development. For many people, their first encounter with them may well be on a late night shopping channel – and it would be easy to write them off as a gimmick.

Big mistake! Halogen ovens have a great deal to offer anyone who has a family, or even just themselves, to feed. Write them off at your peril! You’ll be missing out – big time!

The thing about halogen ovens is that they are so versatile. They can cook, quite literally, anything that you would do in a normal oven – but they have a cooking speed that is closer to a microwave oven and they use less energy.

Halogen Oven Versatility

Anything that you can cook in a conventional oven, you can also cook in a halogen oven – just faster. You can roast a chicken, turkey or beef joint, you can cook a casserole, you can air fry chicken, oven chips, you can bake bread, you can broil steaks, steam fish or cook pastry. You name it – you can cook it in a halogen oven, and you don’t need to worry about metal foil or trays either. They’re just fine.

A lot of people wonder about halogen ovens vs microwaves. Microwaves are very convenient (I wouldn’t be without one these days) – but the simple fact of the matter is that the large majority of people use them almost exclusively for heating things up rather than cooking.

That’s the big difference – you will actually use your halogen oven to cook things in. It’s quick, fast, healthy and easy. Why wouldn’t you use it?

energy usage of halogen ovensHalogen Oven Energy Savings

As well as being fast and easy to use, halogen ovens will also help to save on your energy bill. First of all, the space to be heated is quite a bit smaller than a conventional oven. Secondly, the fan helps to circulate the air and ensure a nice even heat – you can actually cook at a slightly lower temperature than you would need in a standard oven.

The combination of halogen heat, infrared waves and convection means that your food will not only cook quicker, but will require less energy to do so. The exact saving will vary according to the model that you have.

The chart on the right refers to the Secura halogen oven range – but it’s fairly typical. You can, quite reasonably, expect to save about 75% on the energy costs associated with preparing your food. Some halogen oven manufacturers – such as Morningware for example – claim that savings of 85% are achievable.

When you consider that your oven is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home, that’s a saving that’s well worth making.

halogen turbo ovenHalogen Ovens Are Compact And Portable

Halogen ovens are compact and suitable for use on the countertop in your kitchen. If, for any reason, you temporarily need more space, you can just pick it up and move it somewhere else or pack it away in a cupboard.

They’re also great for student dorms, mobile homes, static caravans and any kitchen where space is at a premium.

Halogen Ovens Are Easy To Use And To Clean

Halogen ovens are simplicity itself to use. You just set the temperature, set the timer, put your food in and push the on button. Sometimes you might want to turn a roast, or give a casserole a bit of a stir, but more often than not you just come back when you hear the ping and transfer your food onto the plate.

Cleaning a halogen oven is also very easy. Almost all halogen ovens have a “self clean” facility. You just add a little cold water and detergent, set the timer and choose the clean function.

You can also put the bowl into a dishwasher, or just wash it in the sink if you prefer.

Halogen Oven Benefits Summary

In summary, halogen ovens are jam packed with benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile – cook¬†anything¬†in your halogen oven.
  • Fast – save time.
  • Energy efficient – save money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Healthy meals, using less fat and oil than conventional cooking.

Check out the short video below for a further summary of the main benefits of halogen ovens:


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