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Cooking with a halogen oven

NuWave Infrared Tabletop Oven

NuWave Pro Digital Controlled Infrared Tabletop Oven

nuwave digital infrared ovenThe first thing to notice about the NuWave infrared oven is that it’s “upside down”. Instead of using a large glass bowl with a lid, like most (but not all) halogen ovens, it has a plastic dome type cover.

That makes it a little easier to get at your food when it’s cooked. It also makes it easier to handle the lid. You can just “tilt” it off the oven rather than having to lift it – and the plastic material doesn’t heat up as much as glass. You can even use the base of the unit to take your food to the table if you like.

Strictly speaking, the NuWave isn’t a halogen oven as it uses a specially coated carbon heating element. However, it shares many of the characteristics of halogen ovens, has comparable benefits and is very similar in use.

Benefits Of The NuWave Oven

Here’s a quick overview of the main features and benefits of the NuWave oven from Chef Harry:


Save Time And Money

The NuWave triple cooking action,; using conduction, convection and infrared, means that cooking is fast and easy. It will cook food in as little as 50% of the time required in a standard oven.

It has a maximum power rating of 1500 W, which is quite bit less than a typical oven, which will have a maximum power demand of around 3500 W. The smaller volume means that you can cook food using a lot less power – savings of 85% are very achievable. That means more money in your pocket.

Healthy Meals

Roasting meat and poultry on the rack lets fat drain off. you’ll be left with a low fat, yet succulent dish to serve to your family and guests. You can air fry things like breaded chicken, breaded fish and even French fries with very little oil (a spoonful is usually enough). That’s great because it means that you can eat the food you enjoy without having to worry too much about your health or even feel guilty.


You can cook anything that you would normally do in your standard oven, hob or grill in your NuWave oven. You’ll get golden brown poultry, nicely browned meat joints, perfect pastry and lovely steamed fish. You can broil steaks and burgers (straight from the freezer if you want), heat up frozen pizza, bake potatoes and air fry breaded items and fries. You can even bake bread, cookies, brownies and a host of other items if you like.

Easy To Use And Easy To Clean

The oven is supplied with two recipe books and a quick reference check sheet to let you get started straight away. These detail times, temperatures and even the best rack height to use for perfect results every time.

The digital panel and display allows precise control of your cooking. These are very simple and user friendly.

Finally, when you’re all done cooking and everyone has enjoyed their meal, it’s very easy to clean your NuWave oven. There’s no need to use any powerful chemicals or stick your head in an oven, with the exception of the central control console and heater, all of the parts are completely dishwasher safe. Just pop them in your dishwasher and get on with something more enjoyable while it does the hard work for you!

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