Halogen Oven Cooking

Cooking with a halogen oven

Halogen Oven Tongs

Halogen Oven Tongs

halogen oven tongsYou should get all of the accessories you need when you choose a halogen oven. Most manufacturers supply a couple of racks, a couple of trays an extender ring and a pair of tongs.

That should be all that you need to get started. You’ll use all of those items, but the tongs are probably the most important.

They do look a little odd, but they are perfectly designed to help you to lift the racks, with the food on them, out of your halogen oven.

Have a look at the short video below to see how to use them – the tongs appear after about 44 seconds.

Whatever you do, don’t try to lift the food out using a dishcloth or even a pair of oven gloves. Because halogen ovens are so compact, there’s not much room between the edge of the tray and the inner wall of the glass bowl. It’s very easy to accidentally touch the inside wall of the bowl, which can becomeĀ very hot, and give yourself a nasty burn.



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