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Halogen Oven With Hinged Lid

Hinged Lid Halogen Ovens

halogen oven hinged lidOne of the great things about halogen ovens is the fact that they fit so easily onto your kitchen counter. There’s no need for building them in or carving space in any cabinets, just pop them onto the counter.

However, it’s worth pointing out that, even although halogen ovens are small and compact, you do need to leave yourself a little extra room to work. For example, when you want to access the food that’s being cooked, you need to remove the lid (which will be hot of course) and set it down somewhere safe.

That’s not a big problem, most manufacturers will supply a specially designed lid stand along with their ovens. However, if you are really tight for space, then you may want to avoid the issue of handling the hot lid and finding somewhere to stow it safely.

Fortunately that’s a problem that can be overcome by using a halogen oven with a hinged lid. You can see the principle in the picture on the top right.

It means that you can just swing the lid up without having to worry about having to find somewhere safe to put it whilst you inspect the food.

One thing that’s worth mentioning, you do need to make sure that you have enough space above the oven for the lid to open fully. Makes sure that it won’t foul on any kitchen wall cabinets or other protrusions – especially when the extender ring is fitted (see image below).

It shouldn’t be an insurmountable problem, but do be aware of it.

halogen oven hinged lid plus extender ring

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