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Cooking with a halogen oven

Air Frying In The Halogen Oven

Healthy Snacks And Meals From Your Halogen Oven

halogen oven burger and chipsOne of the numerous benefits of cooking with a halogen oven is the fact that you can have healthy, low fat meals. You’ll be able to enjoy the foods that you enjoy so much – but which sometimes leave you feeling a little guilty – and still be healthier than if you cooked them using traditional methods.

Here’s a short video which shows how easy it is to cook bacon using your halogen oven. Everybody loves a bacon sandwich – right? Check out the amount of fat that drips out during cooking – fat which would otherwise form part of your snack!

And it’s not just bacon of course. There are any number of snacks which you can prepare in this way and which will be a lot healthier for you when cooked in your halogen oven.

You can cook homestyle fries in your halogen oven using an absolute minimum of oil. You can air fry breaded pork, chicken and fish – it’s a very versatile kitchen gadget. You can even have a burger and fries, but with much less fat and oil involved than would otherwise be the case.

So, if you have adjusted your diet to be healthier – and if you find it hard to give up some delicious snacks – think about how much better you might find it if you were able to have your snacks and still maintain a healthy diet.

How Healthy Is Air Frying?

Secura air fryerAir frying has become very popular these days as it is claimed to let you enjoy foods which were previously considered unhealthy without having to worry too much about the health implications.

Instead of submerging food in oil – fully for deep frying and partially for shallow, pan frying – air frying uses a small amount of oil, typically a tablespoon or so, to achieve a similar end result – which tastes and feels the same.

Air frying works by circulating very hot air, which contains very fine droplets of oil to cook the food. As noted above, you can achieve this using your halogen oven, or you can buy special air fryers. Whichever method you choose, the basic principle and, more importantly, the end result, is the same.

Obviously deep and shallow frying methods use much more oil than air frying. Of course, not all of the oil used in cooking is absorbed by the food. Nevertheless, studies have shown that air frying produces a finished product which has substantially less fat in the food, but which tastes and feels very much the same as conventionally fried food.

As well as being good for your health in general, air frying can also help you to lose weight. Fat and oil has a high calorific value. So less oil means fewer calories, and you may well find your waistline shrinking if you switch from deep frying to air frying.

With all of that being said, air frying is still frying. If you are in the habit of eating a lot of fried food, switching to air frying will definitely be a good move for you. However, there are still healthier ways to prepare your food – baking, roasting or steaming for example. Try some lovely roast chicken in your halogen oven if you want a real treat.

Personally, I think that air frying is a great innovation – and air fryers are a great addition to any kitchen. However, since my halogen oven is a lot more versatile, and since halogen ovens seem to be cheaper than dedicated air fryers, I just use that whenever I want to fry something up.

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