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Cooking with a halogen oven

Lazy Fish In The Halogen Oven

raw salmon and lemonHere’s a really simple recipe, that’s simple to cook, for fish in your halogen oven.

It takes about five minutes to prepare and just 25 minutes to cook. You can do it with just about any fish fillet, but I tend to use salmon. Works very well.

If you do use another type of fish, you may be able to cut the cooking time by fime minutes or so, depending upon how thick the fillet is. If in doubt, stick with 25 minutes cooking time – the fish won’t dry out as you have sealed it in its own foil or parchment package.

The end result will be a nice fish dish which is flaky, but still moist. you can serve it on a bed of lettuce, with some new potatoes – or any other side that you like.

salmon ingredientsIngredients

Fish fillets X 2

1 large onion.

1 large bell pepper.

3 or 4 largish mushrooms.

1 packet of fish seasoning, dried herbs, lemon and herb rub – as you prefer.


Take a lemon and cut 8 thin slices.

Lay 4 slices on a sheet of tin foil or baking parchment.

Lie one fish fillet on top of two lemon slices. Place two lemon slices on top of each fish fillet.

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Lightly dust the fish fillets with dried herbs, rub, whatever.

Chop an onion roughly and scatter the pieces over the fish fillets.

Chop a bell pepper roughly and scatter over the fish fillets.

Chop 3 or 4 large mushrooms and scatter over the fish fillets.

Seal the baking foil or parchment and place in the halogen oven.

Set the temperature to 200 C (400F) and the timer to 25 minutes.

Come back when you hear the bell ping.

Garnish the fish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of parsley or dill if you want.

Eat the fish.

cooked salmonI tend to use a lemon and herb rub which I can pick up from the local store – but you can use dried herbs or anything else that suits your taste.

As an optional extra, you can add some chopped up olives in to the mix. You could even add a couple of tablespoons of dry white wine if you fancy, though that is definitely the gourmet option.

A little balsamic vinegar also works well – you can add this after cooking if you wish.

Takes about half an hour from start to finish and it tastes great.

It’s an ideal meal for when you want to score brownie points with your partner (don’t let them see you preparing it, if they realize just how little work is involved the game’s up). Also handy for when you’ve had a long day at work and want a good meal fast.

Even Lazier Fish In Your Halogen Oven

Hopefully you’ll agree that the above is one of those recipes that yields great (and impressive) results for fairly minimal effort. However,  if you want something that’s even faster and easier, but still nice to eat and which will earn you brownie points from your partner/kids/guests, here’s a short video that shows how to cook frozen salmon fillets, complete with vegetables, in just 15 minutes:


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    I have bought helogenoven recipe book. I am disappointed because I cant follow the recipe without picture. I have put potatoes and veg in the bowl. it doesn’t say how much water to put in.
    please advice which book to buy with the pictures.

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