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Home Style Fries In A Halogen Oven

Cooking Healthy Fries In Your Halogen Oven

Here’s a great video that shows just how quick and easy it is to air fry home style French fries in your halogen oven. I do this quite a lot myself  (although, being a Brit, I tend to think of it as cooking chips in my halogen oven).

The olive oil is definitely optional – you can omit it if you want to be super healthy. On the other hand, if you like to add herbs and spices, the olive oil will definitely help to bring out the flavor even more.

This method is perfectly fine – the only thing that I do differently is to use a special “air Fry” basket. You’ll often see this in halogen oven accessories kits referred to as a “steamer” basket – but it’s perfect for air frying.

It’s not strictly necessary, you can just lay the fries on the rack as the chef in the video does, but I just find it easier and faster to chuck them into the basket. Less fuss and no messing around trying to position them all just so.

Here’s the video:

You can really experiment with varying the time. Cooking them a little longer will make them really crispy and that’s great with some seasoning added. Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong. Healthy French fries in your halogen oven is a breeze – and everybody will love them!


Of course, you can also get similar results using an air-fryer. However, those are a little less versatile and, for reasons that escape me, can be quite a bit more expensive than the typical halogen oven. Even so, if you like to use specialised equipment, “the right tool for the job” so to speak, you might consider an air fryer for your healthy potato based comfort food.

Using the halogen oven, you can fry up skinny French fries or go for nice, thick and chunky, British style chips – with or without the fish. Personally speaking, I like both. It really depends what mood I’m in – and what, if anything, the fries/chips are intended to accompany.

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