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Cooking Chicken In A Halogen Oven

Whole Roast Chicken In Your Halogen Oven

morningware halogen oven with chickenA lovely golden roast chicken in a halogen oven is one of the most common images that you’ll find if you’re doing any research into halogen oven recipes or halogen ovens in general. And it’s hardly surprising that so many halogen oven manufacturers and recipe book publishers use it to promote their product, it’s a mouth-watering visual. Looks great, doesn’t it?

It’s hardly surprising that whole roast chicken is one of the first things that many people cook when they get their nice new halogen oven. It’s a family favorite (who doesn’t love roast chicken?) and, with a halogen oven, it’s easy to cook a whole meal in one “pot”.

Here’s a short video – by NuWave – which shows just how easy it is to get a lovely roast chicken meal from your halogen oven:

Obviously that video uses the NuWave halogen oven. Those are very good and they are easier to access as they have a large, bell type, cover which when removed allows easy access to all of your food.

However, the basic recipe advice will work for any halogen oven. Here’s another video which shows Chef Tony Scruggs’ approach (very similar) using a Fagor halogen oven. The Fagor oven has the more common glass bowl with lid arrangement, but the only real difference in cooking the chicken is the use of the extender ring.

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Whichever type of halogen oven you prefer, you should be able to get wonderfully tasty roast chicken every time. Personally, I think that the tip of starting with the chicken breast down and then turning it over half way through cooking is a good one. Otherwise, you can end up with the skin on the breast really quite crispy.

Of course, if that’s the way you like then that’s fine too! Bottom line, you can’t really go wrong with roast chicken in a halogen oven. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s healthy.

Here’s one final video just to provide a little variety. This one has been uploaded to YouTube by a home chef, it’s not associated with any manufacturer. YouTube is a great source of recipes – for halogen ovens and traditional ovens – and many home chefs upload some really great recipes. This one is for tandoori roast chicken with roast potatoes. Looks good to me.

You can see lots of halogen oven chicken recipes on YouTube here…


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  • Maggie Bevan says:

    Have halogen oven and although very pleased with it have cooked chicken few times and moist juicy but never seems cooked right through! Always pink inside what am I doing wrong?

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